Sparkle Fireworks, Inc. began Wholesale operations in January of 1996.  Presently we serve more than fifty Independent Retail Operators in Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama.  Whether your a small "Mom and Pop" location or Regional Multi-Site Operation, we have the products, services and prices to meet your needs as a Retail Operation.  We also assist "startups" with first time orders and helpful tips based on our 30+ years experience operating 30 retail locations throughout Mississippi and Alabama.

Sparkle Fireworks, Inc

is our parent company and operates our wholesale division throughout our service area.

We proudly run Legend Fireworks as our premier product line.  We believe they will be one of the most popular brand name known for high quality with competitive prices in the very near future.


They are dedicated to supplying reliable and safe fireworks with spectacular performance for your customers.  With years of experience in manufacturing fireworks, they proudly introduced the  “Legend” Brand fireworks to firework enthusiasts. This line of fireworks is carefully selected by experienced technicians and provide excellent performance and outstanding shooting time for the consumer.


We also carry the Black Cat label as well as World Class, Cherry Brand and many other excellent name brands that you know and trust to deliver great performance and dependability.  As a wholesaler, we strive to provide our wholesale operators with quality products that are priced to achieve the Margins needed for a seasonal operation.


Our Services is where we really try to set ourselves apart from other distributors:


  •  We offer  product liability to protect you from any mishaps as a result of defective of faulty product.
  •  We also offer payment terms to qualified operations.  These terms allow you to get the product you need  ahead of the season, allowing you to leverage your existing capital to market and promote sales.
  •  Sparkle offers a low entry point as well as volume discounts once the business is established  generating the higher sales, which translates to more profits.
  •  As your partner, we offer sales tools, materials, sign-age and other marketing material to help you achieve greater sales and capitalize on the impulse nature that that makes our industry short and very unique.
  •  Our greatest service we offer is late delivery.  Again, with us as your partner, we make extra efforts to get the product you need, when you need it the most.  As so often happens, a good weather day will catch an operator off guard and out of product on the last day of the season.  Nothing is worst that having a line of people and nothing to sell.  We are the only distributors running trucks on the 3rd and 4th of July as well as December 30th and New Year’s Eve.


Serving Firework enthusiast in North Mississippi and North Alabama since 1979